Flight Operations Manuals

Flight Operations Manuals

A company policies and procedures manual is critical in today's fast paced environment. It keeps everyone on the same page and in agreement with operating procedures. When done correctly, an operations manual is a powerful tool to ensure standardization, and greatly raises the efficiency in any flight operations.

Flight operations manual also aids in proper communication between the flight operations, crew and passengers. A professional flight department - regardless of the size - must document its core policies and procedures in the form of a customized Company Flight Operations Manual.

We have the expertise and resources to create a flight operations manual which will be just right for you operations. Your manual will not only raise your operations to a higher standard and better efficiency, but will also give the passengers, crew and the management the assurance that their flight operations is following agreed upon guidelines. No wonder NBAA expects its members to have a company flight operations manual.

Working Together. One size does not fit all. Whether you need to develop a flight operations manual that meets guidelines to apply for an IS-BAO registration, or a simple set of sound and practical policies and procedures for your operations, AvSource will work with you to custom build a manual that will meet your needs and reflect your operating philosophy.

From Start to Finish. AvSource can compile a flight operation manual from the ground up, if you do not have an existing manual.

Keep up to date. AvSource will do an objective review, gap analysis of your current manual, and if required, update it to the current industry standartds and best practices suitable for your operations. Or, bring it up to the rigorous requirements of applying for an IS-BAO registration.

Fast turnaround. AvSource will work with you to set and meet your time table to compile a new manual or bring an existing manual up to desired standards expeditiously.

Maintenance Manuals

AvSource recognizes one of the best ways to truly raise flight operation efficiency is through a properly compiled Maintenance Manual. Our vast experience in this area allows us to compile a manual that is useable and cost effective. Your maintenance staff will consistently:

  • Operate in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Achieve highest possible dispatch reliability.
  • Follow required, and recommended maintenance actions.
  • Abide by OHSHA requirements.
  • Work as a team with flight crew and administration staff.

Note: Maintenance staff could be a dozen or more full-time employees or a single part time contract aircraft technician.


Flight departments are manned and operated by skilled professionals to plan, maintain and operate reliable and safe air transportation, and not to write manuals. Let AvSource do that for you. We have the expertise, and resources to provide you with these services.