International Operations Manual

We can help you secure your LOA - FAST!

As you may know flight operations in Special Use Airspace (RVSM/MNPS/RNP) requires a Letter of Authorization, (LOA) from the local Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). AvSource has helped flight operations all across the United States in obtaining their LOA fast.

We Will

  • Write the International Operations Manual, which meets the provisions and guidance provided by AC 91-70, 91-RVSM, 8400, 12A and FAA Handbook.
  • Compile the required "Maintenance Program" specific to your aircraft. The text of this manual will be provided both in the form of hard copies and CD.
  • Complete your special use airspace Application for filling with the FAA.
  • Interface with your local FAA Operations Inspector, Maintenance/Airworthiness Inspector, and Avionics Inspector on your behalf to obtain the Letter of Authority (LOA) for you to operate in the special use airspace.

This is How We Do It

We will provide you a checklist to collect information and documents required to complete the manual and the application.
Our team will compile your manual, and application within 7 days of getting this information from you. We will submit your manual and application, and work with your FSDO on your behalf to get your LOA. You will get your LOA to Operate in the Special Use Airspace quickly and save innumerable man hours and frustration, GUARANTEED!


Aircraft may be equipped and certified but the LOA is issued to an operator and by regulations is NOT TRANSFERABLE.