Safety Management System (SMS)

Safety Management System - SMS
  • An SMS is the cornerstone of the IS-BAO. It's a systematic process for identification and the proactive management of safety-risks. The objective of an SMS is to provide a structured management system to control risk in operations.
  • The IS-BAO requires that flight departments implement an SMS.

  • Your SMS must be effective and appropriate to your operations.

AvSource will do this for you

  • We will compile an SMS which will contain the components and elements required by IS-BAO and use your current or develop new safety practices to meet the expectations.
  • We have developed a number of tools for identifying, reporting and tracking hazards and irregularities and developing safety-risk profiles. Together we will select the most appropriate tools for your flight operations.  These tools are interactive and can be used on an iPad

  • We will ensure a linkage between your SMS and other elements of your operations to structure a systemic process of safety management.

Your SMS will reflect your corporate culture, operating philosophy, will define expectations and be a bridging document to your other policies and procedures.