Welcome to AvSource

AvSource, Inc. has been developing manuals, acquiring LOAs and conducting Safety Audits for small, mid size and large Flight Departments since 1999.

Flight Operations Manuals

What We Do

  • IS-BAO Registration Support
  • Flight Operations Manuals (FOM)
  • Safety Management System (SMS)
  • International Procedures Manuals

How We Work With You

Whether its custom-written manuals, that match your flight department's operational profiles, prepare you for IS-BAO registration, get your RVSM LOA, AvSource has the unmatched experience and capabilities to make your job easier. AvSource was created to provide flight departments with turnkey support in compliance, manual development, and operational guidance. Our team has experience in all these areas and we're here to assist you. Our services and products will save you valuable time and potentially thousands of dollars.

Who We Are

The AvSource team is made up of highly skilled and uniquely experienced individuals with backgrounds in training, management, aviation curriculum, manual development and personnel evaluation.

Document Downloads

Courtesy of Val Trent

Protected airspace for circling approaches Terps vs Pans-Ops.pdf (692 KB)

Terps vs Pans-Ops.pdf (4.7 MB)