IS-BAO Registration

The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC); with the help of companies from four continents has developed the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO), a code of best practices. Similar to ISO 9000 standards; it is a globally accepted "gold seal" for business aviation operations attesting highest standards in operational safety and efficiency.

IS-BAO Registration Support

IS-BAO Implementation

IS-BAO is a voluntary standard. Your flight department may opt to:

  1. Use IS-BAO for reference purposes only to evaluate how well your flight department matches these recognized global best practices.
  2. Implement IS-BAO and evaluate compliance through an internal audit.
  3. Implement IS-BAO and confirm compliance through an audit by an IBAC accredited auditor to obtain a Certificate of Registration, which is valid for two years.

Should you implement IS-BAO?

A direct benefit to a flight department of adopting these voluntary global safety standards is an enhanced level of safety and professionalism. Voluntary adherence to an internationally recognized "code of best practices" demonstrates your commitment to excellence to the senior management and passengers. A by-product may be potential reduction in your insurance premium. A successful implementation does require a top to bottom buy-in and commitment to allocate required resources.

IS-BAO Registration - AvSource Manuals

Key requirements of IS-BAO

IS-BAO lists the requirements of what a professional flight department should achieve, rather then how things must be done.

Flight Operations Manual

A Flight Operations Manual is a set of documented procedures, process and programs to satisfy the standards appropriate to the individual operations.

Safety Management System 

SMS (Safety Management System) is the cornerstone of the IS-BAO. It's a systematic process for identification and proactive management of safety-risks. It integrates the management of operations and technical systems with resource management.

Steps to IS-BAO implementation

  1. Purchase the International Standard materials from NBAA. This will be provided on hardcopy and on a CD.
  2. Use the framework to identify safety hazards and their risks and develop procedures to eliminate these hazards or reduce risk to reasonable levels.
  3. Integrate procedures into your systems, programs, and operating procedures and in your existing are new manuals.
  4. Evaluate compliance through and internal audit, or an optional independent assessment by an accredited IBAC auditor to obtain a Certificate of Registration.

Limited outsourcing by working with an IS-BAO implementation support service provider may be the optimal solution for quicker and cost effective implementation.

AvSource Can Help

Implementing IS-BAO in your flight department will enhance safety and productivity. But, most flight operations will find it challenging to implement these standards in a reasonable period while performing their primary tasks. We at AvSource have the expertise and resources to assist you every step of the way to your IS-BAO Registration. We are an IS-BAO implementation support service provider, and have IBAC Accredited Auditors on staff.

This is how we will team up with you to get your registration:

Planning - An overview of your current documented policies, determine expected resources and set milestones and goals.

Flight Operations Manual - Evaluate/gap analysis of your current Flight Operations Manual against the standards to determine if it meets the requirements and if needed; bring it up to the International Standard. IS-BAO template with our vast data base of topics appropriate to your operation will be used. Each drafted section will be provided for your review and inputs.

Safety Management System (SMS) - Concurrent with your operations manual development; we will work together to develop an SMS appropriate to your mission profile. The SMS and the operations manual procedures and policies will be integrated.

Standards Conformity Check - IS-BAO Audit Protocol will be used to confirm and record conformity of the operations manual to the standards. This conformity check can serve as a tool for internal/external audit.

IS-BAO Audit Support - Our team of accredited auditors will work with you to confirm your compliance with the standards, and submit your application for registration. To avoid conflict of interest, we will not conduct the registration of a flight department we have assisted to implement the standards. Instead we will arrange for, or ask you to select any IBAC accredited auditor to audit our joint efforts.