IS-BAO Audit Support

IS-BAO Registration Audit

IS-BAO Audit Support

Our team of accredited auditors will work with you to develop an audit plan to confirm your conformance with the Standards. We will minimize interruption to your flight operations by learning about your operations, and using the audit protocol, do in-depth conformances check of your manuals prior to the on-site audit activities. This would also allow you to correct any gaps we may find in your documents.

Our on-site audit will follow the IS-BAO auditor guidelines. Checking your manuals in advance will expedite the auditor's work enabling them to focus on an evaluation of your safety management system and facilitating spot-checking of the other elements as necessary.

Conformity Support

AvSource has the expertise and resources to expeditiously evaluate your current Flight Operations Manual and SMS against the IS-BAO audit protocols to determine its level of compliance with the International Standard. Our report will clearly tabulate the areas that conform and topics that need to be added or expanded.